About Me

I am a Software Engineer at Facebook who is passionate about Fullstack development. I learn new things every day about Design Patterns, Functional/Object-Oriented Programming, Scalability, Testing, and Web/Mobile Frameworks to develop better applications and share my knowledge on weekly basis in this blog.


I started programming in 2010. Initially, my focus was on competitive programming. I won medals in republic competitions in Kazakhstan but have never reached neither ACM Finals nor IOI. Check out my Codeforces Profile.

In 2013, I explored web development and created a couple of websites in PHP. I remember using a text file to store the data instead of setting up a database at the very beginning, LOL. I was very excited when I got my first few hundred users. At the time I wanted to pursue a career as a web developer.

In 2015, I got accepted to the summer startup school where I got interested in building iOS apps and switched my focus to mobile development. Since then I have created a bunch of apps both solo and as a team in different categories such as productivity, social network, entertainment, and education. These projects were even more exciting when thousands of users were using the apps. I learned so much during my career as a mobile developer and decided to give back to the iOS community by building a couple of open source projects. Check out my GitHub Profile.

In 2019, I broadened my focus and became a generalist. I don’t restrict myself by any platform and happy to learn about any technology that facilitates building better applications. Currently, I have a chance to work on apps for millions of users and that’s what drives me to continue software development.

This year, I started the blog to share my learnings and help other engineers grow.