Have you ever felt like dropping all tasks from your to-do list and do nothing for an entire day? That is burnout. Today we are going to focus on determining whether you are on burnout, how to get out of it, and measures to prevent it from happening in the future.

An early signal of burnout is the weakened desire to perform the task. For example, you may start taking time-offs without a compelling reason, put off your task by making up excuses, etc. Before starting the next task notice whether you feel energized or excited to work on it.

The best way to get out of it is by taking a break. It is okay to miss your to-do list item as long as you can get back on track after sufficient rest. You are making the matter worse by forcing your way to complete the task you are not excited about. Because sooner or later you will end up dropping everything and will have to take a lot longer break to land on your feet.

For those who are not in a state of burnout, you should consider scheduling regular time-offs upfront. For example, taking a break for a week every 3-4 months is an excellent way to prevent potential breakdowns. Let me know how you are handling burnouts.

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